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Performance Testing Company

Performance Testing Company

Proponent Technologies provides best Performance testing services which include the end to end performance testing, performance bottleneck analysis, tuning, benchmarking and sizing of the applications by using latest performance testing tools like WebLOAD, LoadNinja,, LoadView, LoadUI NG Pro, Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, LoadComplete, WAPT, LoadImpact, Rational Performance Tester, etc In these days, where competition between organizations is very huge, providing web, mobile apps and software without any performance issues are crucial. Performance testing is an integral part of the software testing process so we ensure this, by providing the performance testing by covering all the aspects of the application, which helps them to meet the expected standards of software performance. We also test the scalability, stability, and speed of an application under a specific workload and ensures high-quality performance. Apart from determining how fast some aspects of a system perform under a particular workload, performance testing is also used to demonstrate that the developed system meets the performance criteria.

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