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Manual Software Testing Company

Manual Software Testing Company

Are you looking for the best Manual Testing Company in India? Get our expert manual testing services through our expert manual testers. Our manual testing is the process of finding bug, error, mistake or improper flow in a program. In manual testing, tester test the project according to requirement. Our manual tester follows to test a program which contains certain points:- Requirement Analysis:- In this step our testing team Analysis the required document and understands all about the project. Test Planning:- In this step our testing team makes a test plan document which contains all about the strategy and requirements (Like Tool, Resources, Time, Environment etc. ) needed at the time of test execution. Test Cases Development:- In this step our tester writes the test cases in detail which will help us to test all the scenarios so that we will not skip anything while testing. Test Environment setup:- This step is to set the environment for testing by setup all software and hardware requirements use for testing. Test Execution:- In this step, our tester starts execution of the test on the basis of test plan and test cases.

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