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Cloud Testing Company

Cloud Testing Company

Are you looking for the best cloud service testing provider in India? Your answer is Proponent Technologies. Proponent Technologies provides an extensive or a wide range of cloud testing services in India. The cloud services we provide for private, public and hybrid clouds. It includes application security testing, Performance testing, Functional and non-functional testing. Our test scenarios and strategies are customized and effective, according to our client's requirements. After proper analysis of the application, we develop effective strategies for cloud testing so that overall challenges can be identified. The cloud testing services we provide are best for the whole cloud environment which can be done for Cloud and SaaS service providers and end users. We provide Testing across cloud services in this testing services, testing can be done for private, public and hybrid cloud environments and SaaS testing in the cloud which is done for Functional and non-functional testing on the basis of application requirements As we know that Cloud-based technologies are causing particular difficulties for QA and testing capacity. Testing the mix services crosswise over nearby stages, private Cloud and open Cloud is positioned to need a computerized execution challenge. Cloud testing services at Proponent Technologies Centre around testing of end-to-end work processes and the coordination of information and services.

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