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API Automation Testing Company

API Automation Testing Company

Nowadays usage of the API has increased abruptly in the software industry, Where customer wants to make sure that the API which they are using should always work efficiently and properly in all aspects, hence Proponent Technology expert testing engineers always use various tools and methods to test API at different levels. Where one of the most famous and fastest API Testing technique is API Automation Testing. We always use the best and most demanding API automation testing technology, which always meets latest software industry need in the best possible and efficient ways. Proponent Technologies best and most demanding automated API Testing technique makes our client applications trustworthy for seamless and unstoppable performance. API automation testing is fast and more reliable than manual testing because while using an automated test tool we speed up the process of testing and also eliminate human error. As we know that there are multiple automation testing automation tools are available in the software market, where Proponent Technologies always use the most popular amongst them which are SOAPUI, Rest Assured, RTI, Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo, TFS, Chef and AWS Code Pipeline etc. These applications used for continuous testing, integration and delivery. These testing applications always provide us with the ability to schedule or trigger multiple tasks automatically and simultaneously, these tasks include development, testing, deployment or monitoring. The majority of these kinds of tools integrate with code versioning systems, testing systems and deployment systems, which can be plugged into the automation tool easily. As we prefer Soap-UI/Ready API for API automation testing for multiple reasons as follows It supports Soap as well as rest API testing, good for data-driven testing, provides Good active community, has Lots of references and study materials, provides Easy integration with CI Builds, capable of Groovy Scripting, Attractive Reports and much more.

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