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Mobile App Re Engineering Company

Mobile App Re Engineering Company

Proponent Technologies is specialized in developing fully customized mobile applications. Simultaneously we are also expert in Mobile App Re-Engineering. As we believe the mobile app design has a significant role in the success of an app our mobile application solutions offer hassle-free access to the business sensitive information anywhere. The process we follow for mobile reengineering includes one or more procedures from the following list: source code translation from one programming language into another programming language, database reorganization for checking file structure or its transfer, understanding overall mobile software architecture, new functionality addition and integration with third-party APIs, etc. The need for software reengineering process arises when the programming language or platform is no longer supported for mobile application or due to a drastic change in technology. As we can access 99% of the source code of an APK through various tools it makes our task easy for mobile reengineering. In most of the cases the software reengineering process becomes the right choice as it provides a number of significant advantages where the benefits of mobile Reengineering Process which are as follows: increases productivity, opportunity improvement, risk of reduction, saves time and effort and processes continuity. Software reengineering process allows us to modernization of the existing mobile application and eliminating technical glitches, which reduces the overall cost of service and expands its capabilities in terms of meeting all business requirements.

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