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Ionic Framework Company

Ionic Framework Company

Ionic apps are written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Ionic can be considered as a UI framework that handles UI interactions of applications with support for native mobile components and beautiful design. Ionic focuses on UI interactions and look and feel of an app. Ionic provides Components and Theme which allows developers to build applications having an elegant and functional user interface. The Ionic component is made up of HTML, CSS, and sometimes JavaScript. Ionic offers a light theme and a dark theme for mobile applications. Features of Ionic include typography, mobile components, an extensible base theme, and interactive paradigms. Ionic apps are developed through the Ionic command line (CLI) and need a native wrapper like Cordova to run as a native app. Ionic command line interface comes with a built-in development server. Advantages/benefits of the Ionic framework: offers Cross-platform app development Easy to adopt best User Interface as Themes and components of Ionic are highly customizable. ' Ionic uses AngularJS to provide many functionalities to the developers. Use of AngularJS allows Ionic to provide a robust structure that makes the code more manageable. It is a widely used framework by designers. High in Performance and use of Cordova Plugins to help designers in accessing different components. It uses the Cordova plugin to access features like Camera, GPS, Flashlight and others. Ionic is excellent for building basic native functionalities within an application to run on devices having different operating systems. It also makes development fast and cost-efficient and reduces the need for maintenance for the overall process. Applications developed in Ionic may not perform as well as if they were developed natively. Ionic demands a specific skill set from developers due to its current use of AngularJS.

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