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Technical Consulting Company

Technical Consulting Company

Proponent Technologies uses Technical Consulting Services for Digital Transformation. With multiple years in IT Proponent Technologies offers services to streamline IT strategy creating, information security assurance and system integration, ensure smooth and effective digital transformation and improve digital customer experience. Our approach is to focus on the client’s strategy and long-term goals, so we skip the noise of fleeting trends and equip the business with reliable and agile technology to achieve enduring outcomes. Proponent Technologies is a specialized global full service Technical Consulting and outsourcing solutions. As a Technical Consulting services provider we focus on creating value for supply chain based industries and service industries as a flexible, trusted and sustainable partner. We provide State-of-the-art solutions using innovative technologies. Our experts have extensive knowledge of various domains. We provide efficient support after service. We provide Technical Consulting on demand based on our client need, we always work with full dedication for providing cost-effective Technical Consulting services. We always implement the latest market technology for solving a real-time business problem. Our motive is to satisfy our customer with our Technical Consulting services. Our responsibilities as a Technical consultant: Meeting with clients to understand their requirements Work with clients to define the scope of a project Plan timescales and the resources needed Analyze IT requirements Help clients with change-management activities Organize training for users and other consultants

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