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Application Security Consulting Company

Application Security Consulting Company

At Proponent Technologies, we always assist our clients in improving the security of their existing and the software which we develop or outsource. Our expert security services help enterprises and product companies to improve security during different SDLC phases no matter whether it is in the project design phase, implementation phase, production phase and releasing phase. Proponent Technologies provides excellent Application Security Consulting to work effectively and fulfil our clients need for their application security, Where we apply solid programming, building foundation because our experts know Application security needs a solid foundation in programming and security. As we know most vulnerabilities are presented before a solitary line of code is composed. Our expert engineering and configuration auditor look at the security of an application's structure and distinguishes shortcomings before they spread into various codes. Our security experts always characterized and secure advancement process altogether by decreases time spent on powerlessness settles and enhances generally throughput. That implies you ought to most likely have a solid bent for programming and a couple of long stretches of expert programming improvement encounter in a perfect world on an assortment of dialects, systems and advances.

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