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Whatsapp Marketing Company

Whatsapp Marketing Company

As everyone knows Whatsapp is a social media web application generally used among people for chatting and sharing different types of data. But on the other hand Proponent Technologies is taking WhatsApp capability to its next level. Proponent Technologies provides Bulk WhatsApp Marketing services, based in India. We are the leader's in providing Bulk WhatsApp Messaging / Marketing solutions in India. Proponent Technologies also provide international WhatsApp Marketing service. We provide innovative bulk messaging service through WhatsApp which is specially customized for mobile device interfaces. We are the top bulk messaging service provider company in India focusing on providing a cost-effective business solution to our clients. We provide Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing service at lowest rates. Why choose bulk WhatsApp messaging tool: Global reach and accessibility Send audio and video messages Send text messages of unlimited length Images messages to your promotional offers End to end data encryption technology

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